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In 1950, a man named Alan Turing proposed an idea that attracted the attention of the world-the “Turing Test”. According to the conjecture: if a machine can start a dialogue with humans without being identified, then this machine has intelligent functions. This is the first time in human history that the concept of artificial intelligence has been possessed. After decades of long years, human research in the field of artificial intelligence has achieved breakthroughs time and time again. In 2016, AlphaGO defeated the Korean Go master Lee Sedol. This was the first time in human history that he lost to a robot in an intelligence contest. This also defines the future development route and design concept and direction of artificial intelligence.

Relevant data shows that in recent years, countries around the world have actively responded to the call of smart technology and vigorously developed technology applications based on big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G Internet. In the past, technological applications that could only be seen on the screen have gradually become a reality with the development of the times. The current wave of development of the artificial intelligence industry is mainly derived from the proposal of deep learning algorithms. The realization of large-scale calculations based on the amount of data and computing power is a technological breakthrough. However, the underlying technical framework has not been fully guaranteed, and problems such as missing, incorrect, and invalid data, technical and ecological deficiencies need to be resolved urgently. How to break the current problems in the field of artificial intelligence will directly determine the key to the future development of the world.

AICT, an ecological platform with artificial intelligence research at its core, was born based on this concept. AICT is a comprehensive application ecological platform in the field of artificial intelligence. It provides the most cutting-edge theoretical analysis and technical guidance for the artificial intelligence industry by building massive databases and carrying out AI intelligent technology research. Through AlphaGO’s victory over Li Shishi, it can be seen that the intelligence level of artificial intelligence has surpassed that of human beings. If there is no timely supervision in the future, it is likely to pose a threat to human beings. AICT innovatively uses blockchain smart contract technology to restrict the behavior of artificial intelligence in the form of signing smart agreements, and promote the integration of artificial intelligence and real-world applications. And by building a global database, AICT provides the most solid underlying architecture support for the field of artificial intelligence and even the world Internet industry, empowers the future development of the Internet industry, creates an intelligent value ecosystem to link different industries, and realizes value circulation.

AICT provides technical, operational and commercial support for the application of artificial intelligence, helps artificial intelligence build a virtual application value network, breaks technical barriers, and links technology transformation. At present, the five giants, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, without exception, have invested more and more resources to seize the artificial intelligence market and even transform themselves into artificial intelligence-driven companies as a whole. The domestic Internet leader “BAT” also regards artificial intelligence as a key strategy, relying on its own advantages to actively deploy in the field of artificial intelligence. It can be seen that the world has a long-term optimistic vision for artificial intelligence in the future, and it is urgent to overcome the current problems in the field of artificial intelligence. AICT will take this as the foundation for future development and witness the future with you.

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