AOFEX Establishes Its Canada Branch Officially to Accelerate Globalization

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Recently, the global cryptocurrency market is going up and the trading volume soaring, with the market cap hitting $2 trillion. All metrics indicate that a bullish market is coming. Undoubtedly, digital assets are essential to the global economy.

To globalize the secure and global digital assets, improve AOFEX’s influence, and provide better services for users, AOFEX officially establishes its Canada Branch on September 2, 2021 to further develop the market in North America and accelerate its globalization.

New Era, New Opportunities

It is well known that the Canada’s parliament passed a law of digital currencies in 2014, which established Canada’s leadership in this field. Since then, Canada’s regulators are always cautious and optimistic to cryptocurrencies, and try to protect investors’ interests and accelerate innovation.

The Canada Branch will start well-rounded and diverse cooperation with KOLs, communities and media across the country, support local policies, and accelerate the compliance procedures. Besides, the Canada Branch will make efforts to attract more talents from different industries, explore quality projects, optimize users’ trading experience, and improve influence, thus highlighting our mission of developing the field of digital assets and providing quality service for users.

New Region, New Businesses

AOFEX, based in London, the United Kingdom, is a global leading service platform of digital assets with security. Engaged in finance and technology for many years, the core staff of AOFEX have provided technology and business consultation services for a large number of financial institutions, developed good relationship with many financial institutions, and accumulated rich experience in risk control and management. AOFEX has introduced the state-of-the-art traditional financial risk control system for banks and securities, adopted underlying security technologies, established an internal supervision and warning system, as well as a risk reserve mechanism to provide a more secure cryptocurrency trading environment.

In these years AOFEX has put into the practice the mission of “including more people into the digital finance”, and insisted on the vision of “being the most influential digital financial platform to provide service for 10 million institutional investors and qualified investors”, striving to provide professional digital finance service for users across the globe.

The establishment of AOFEX’s Canada Branch represents the implementation of its mission, vision and business philosophy. The Branch will provide more tailored services based on the practices and demands of local users and explore local good projects, so that our digital service is available to more users.

Ecosystem breakthrough and mutual enhancement

As AOFEX develops its business and implements its strategic plan, AOFEX ecosystem building and the platform token OT contribute to each other. The OT price has increased 21.43% within 7 days, 76.63% within 30 days. Now its price is 4.25USDT. Due to stable OT price increase, AOFEX ecosystem, powered by OT mechanism, will keep sustainable development and create a favorable environment.

Expanding businesses——OT is a digital asset on ERC20 issued by AOFEX. The application scenarios of OT cover all products and rights and interests on the platform, including but not limited to deducting fees, preferential purchase of popular saving products, bonus rebate, mining by positions, AP integration center, etc. As AOFEX is growing, its OT businesses are expanding to improve the ecosystem of AOFEX.

Well-performed deflation mechanism——To boost the ecological value of OT, the platform has established a sound deflation mechanism, and adopted the mode of burning before output, where the amount of burning is ≧ the amount of output. After the launch of OT, the circulation volume on the secondary market does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount, to keep the total amount of 20 million. AOFEX exchange uses 20% of profits from transaction fees per month to repurchase OT from secondary markets and burns it. Besides, OT is burnt along with the launch of new projects. Through burning by repurchase and listing, the total amount of OT is decreased to improve its scarcity, provide stable necessities and accelerate the burning schedule, build a complete token economy system, and enable OT and AOFEX ecosystem to appreciate greatly. Until now, AOFEX has destroyed 8,844,820 OT in total.

Diverse features——OT is now used for voting, payment, lockup or positions. OT holders can enjoy corresponding rights and benefits, and are empowered by AOFEX’s platform value. At the same time, due to the inelastic demand of project parties and merchants, the OT in circulation will be reduced to create favorable situations. With the global strategic plan, AOFEX ecosystem scenarios are gradually implemented and OT will be adopted in all scenarios to empower the ecosystem and create values.


To celebrate the establishment of AOFEX’s Canada Branch and express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT. Looking forward to your participation!

  • Activity 1: Take tasks to share USDT

During the activity, users can click to go to the Telegram bot via our announcement or other social media platforms and complete the first 4 tasks sent by the bot to obtain 5 USDT, with 50,000 USDT in total. To win more rewards, invite your friends to complete tasks and share 150,000 USDT. The referral is directly proportional to the rewards. 200,000 USDT in total. Looking forward to your participation!

Participants: All users of AOFEX

Time: 17:00, September 2, 2021 – 17:00, September 9, 2021 (GMT+8)


  • Activity 2: Sign up to claim lucky account and share rewards

During the activity, users sign up on AOFEX and complete KYC. 1000 lucky users will be randomly selected from the users whose UIDs contain “9” and will be distributed with 5 USDT. The more “9s” a UID contains, the higher probability the UID wins prizes.

Target participants: KYC users

Time: 11:00, September 2, 2021 – 11:00, September 9, 2021 (GMT+8)

Thanks for your long-term support and trust! In the future, AOFEX will build more branches, break the physical boundary of excellent digital finance and services with the help of its branches, and reach more users and regions, to include more common people into the digital finance.

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