BOBOT overcomes a century-old world problem in the cleaning industry

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The birth of the vacuum cleaner can be described as the gospel of mankind. It not only saves housework time, but also makes every home a healthy and pure land. Today, the vacuum cleaner is almost a must-have tool for every household. In line with the needs of the family, vacuum cleaners have also undergone several generations of innovations, from simple ground trash cleaning, to now evolve a variety of vacuuming methods, and add various cleaning functions.

Even so, in the 120-year “evolutionary history” of vacuum cleaners, there is still a worldwide problem in front of us, the problem of wet cleaning! If this problem is not solved, deep cleaning at home level is still difficult to achieve. Imagine that when a vacuum cleaner can easily dispose of dry garbage, but bacteria still breed in the residual stains of the wet garbage, such cleaning is difficult to achieve true health.

Wet cleaning becomes a new difficulty in the industry, BOBOT takes the lead in breaking the game

In fact, traditional vacuum cleaners can only solve part of the problem. A variety of brush heads take care of all aspects of household cleaning in China, from small gaps and corners to large floors, bed surfaces and cabinets. As long as it is dry garbage, the current vacuum cleaners on the market are fully capable. However, once faced with water stains, oil stains, etc., the vacuum cleaner is helpless, and it is also easy to cause machine crashes due to inhalation of liquid, not to mention the common dry and wet mixed garbage in daily life, such as porridge and instant noodles. As a result, many families have to clean up the wet garbage before using the vacuum cleaner. If you further clean it in depth, you will inevitably drag it with clean water after using the vacuum cleaner, which will make the vacuum cleaner more tasteless.

The purpose of using a vacuum cleaner is to “get it right once and for all”! Solving the problem of deep cleaning is the ultimate goal of the vacuum cleaner. BOBOT is the first to break the game and overcome a century-old worldwide problem in the vacuum cleaner industry. BOBOT makes wet cleaning ability become standard. Through multiple technological innovations, combined with AI artificial intelligence, BOBOT makes the cleaning of wet garbage and dry and wet mixed garbage no longer a housework problem. BOBOT even implanted products with ultraviolet sterilization to thoroughly overcome deep cleaning-vacuuming, mopping the floor, and sterilizing all at once. The effect is doubled and the time is cut in half!

Three pioneering technologies make BOBOT a leader in wet cleaning in the vacuum cleaner industry

In addition to overcoming wet cleaning, a century-old worldwide problem in the vacuum cleaner industry, BOBOT is also committed to establishing and leading the standard in the cleaning field, and has developed three world-first scrubber technologies that are truly “clean” from the details.

BOBOT created the world’s first “dry and wet cleaning + physical sterilization” model. Under the raging global epidemic, home cleaning has put forward higher requirements for disinfection. BOBOT took the lead in implanting sterilization and disinfection functions into cleaning products, using 253.7nm sterilization ultraviolet rays to achieve a sterilization and mite removal rate of more than 99%, and one cleaning can be achieved. “Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization”.

Such a high sterilization rate is due to BOBOT’s first tray pressurization technology, which keeps the tray pressed against the ground at all times, not only the dust is difficult to escape with strong suction, but the stubborn stains can also be thoroughly cleaned and eliminated in the confined space.

BOBOT also pioneered the water curtain technology, through a unique structural design, forming a water circulation channel of “double-hole jet water purification-forming water curtain stamping-water curtain cleaning main brush-main brush cleaning floor-circulating water cleaning”. Every time the floor is washed, water is purified to avoid secondary pollution to the environment during the cleaning process.

Of course, many people have doubts about the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner, BOBOT also considered it in advance-one-click automatic cleaning, no need to wash the main brush by hand. Such a thoughtful design dispels all worries, BOBOT is for everyone to use it at ease and worry-free.

The design of the robot should first be practical. As an emerging brand of household robots, BOBOT has no story, no baggage, only exploration and adventure for the future. Adhering to the tenet of “not only intelligent but also capable of solving various problems for humans”, BOBOT combines clean innovation with AI artificial intelligence, and is committed to setting off an “industrial revolution” in the cleaning field. Moreover, it must control the cost of robots at ordinary levels within the family’s affordability.

  “Make the world clean” is not just a slogan, it is BOBOT’s commitment to every family.

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