FIRE the New Generation of Value Circulation Ecology

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With the popularization and application of the Internet in the world, the global users truly feel the convenience brought by information transmission. However, with the continuous improvement of the users’ lifestyle around the world, many people are not satisfied with the simple function of Internet information transmission, and they want to give value to the Internet, so as to make information transmission more purposeful and valuable. Under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the development prospects of global Internet companies are not optimistic. Many large and medium-sized Internet companies have lost their corporate development direction and started to lay off employees on a large scale. With the rapid development of information technology, human civilization has entered a new height, but digital currency, as a consensus of value, is currently limited to a small number of geeks. Because there is no intrinsic value, instability, easy to be manipulated and other characteristics, and there is no mature application scenario. On the technical side, a range of issues need to be addressed, including security, efficiency, identity management and so on. But the rise of digital money is reshaping the value consensus.

The FIRE Chain is a new ecology of value circulation in the blockchain 4.0 era and a new decentralized smart financial contract. FIRE Chain-the world’s first value Internet system with the mission to finally create a set of convenient and currencies without border and financial infrastructure for billions of people around the world, realize the digital currency without borders, barrier-free circulation, based on a deep understanding of the financial industry and banking industry, the blockchain technology is used to rely on the financial theory in the smart contract of the blockchain, realizing the construction of the world’s leading intelligent, highly reliable, and circulating blockchain digital asset financial ecosystem. With the advent of smart contracts, the blockchain world adds more color. The FIRE is a decentralized financial token, which will be the subscription and selling right throughout the circulation of the HTE credit ecosystem and the enterprise Chain reform. Compared with the traditional centralized system, the advantage of HTE applied in the field of digital assets lies in: in the circulation, assets change from single-centralized control to social communication, and any channel with resources may become the catalyst of asset circulation. Therefore, the underlying technology of blockchain applied by HTE can greatly improve the circulation efficiency of digital assets and truly achieve “free circulation”.

The FIRE Chain has made a series of innovations on the blockchain technology and concept, and provided complete blockchain technology solutions, making the FIRE Chain is expected to become a bridge between the blockchain world and the real business world. The FIRE Chain has capital value depositories and autonomy. First of all, it supports all valuable digital assets and physical assets depository services, real assets depository on the Chain, to build consensus or agents by the super node, and jointly to auditing, monitoring, and real assets, inventory assets depository consensus with blockchain accounting consensus supplement each other. Secondly it is autonomous and decentralized no organization, which is a worldwide mobilization of social resources to complete a project development and operation (including the mobilization of resources, mobilize the organization, pricing and incentives) and other new forms of social organization, the way individuals or organizations get compensation, algorithm automatic realization and automatic pricing.

HTE as a token of credit industry pioneer, which can lead blockchain industry a series of technical development, utilization and propulsion. Based on its experience and capability in technology research and development and product design, HTE is committed to providing safer and more efficient services. At the same time, unlike other digital currencies, the FIRE’s value and trading volume have risen steadily and strongly since its launch, suggesting that the FIRE’s high turnover rate and market heat are due to real market demand. There is reason to believe that the FIRE Chain may maximize the value of individuals, each person can connect to the others through the FIRE Chain.

In addition, different from other projects in the field and other Internet enterprises, FIRE Chain is more down-to-earth and user-value-oriented. It constantly promotes the landing of ecological application scenarios, improves the market liquidity and maximizes the value of nodes. Since its birth, FIRE has been gradually moving toward the goal of “digital gold” and has grown into a hard currency without causing inflation. As a value exchange hub, the FIRE Chain will provide perfect support for connecting various commercial scenes. In the future, the FIRE Chain will not only support new business scenarios, but also docking traditional financial and other real economy application scenarios, so as to realize the deep integration of virtual economy and real economy, and provide the foundation for the trust and value exchange for the construction of giant ecological scenarios. We have established a strong trusted data value network to serve the global data economy market. To build a complete business ecology, provide a one-stop safe ecological environment, so that individuals and enterprises can participate in the application of HTE digital economy ecological public Chain. At the same time, the FIRE Chain has realized online and offline communication, connected everything together, integrated the blockchain technology, established the connectivity economic system, and created a new global digital economy.

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