Free World: Ceaseless exploration in decentralized field

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Initiated by the Uniall Foundation and founded by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Free World is a free ecology focusing on full-financial application of DeFi. Ecology aims to build a free, shared, safe and highly encrypted DeFi digital economy with open value for the global users. Completely different ecological solution from the previous centralized platform is provided for users through the rigorous design of top-level business logic.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Full-financial ecology of DeFi can’t do without the governance of DAO. As a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO keeps running through smart contract, codes transaction and rules on blockchain, and has various unique advantages to achieve the openness and fairness, unmanned intervention and autonomous operation. But it lacks the legal entity.

Uniall Foundation will ensure the release and development of Free World ecology till the establishment of the Free World community which is enough for completely decentralized self-maintenance. Free World ecology adopts the double token mechanism for DAO governance, namely the stablecoin FD and EcoCoin BSK. The token will be used to act as the value storage carrier, and can capture and solidify the increasing value of protocol network.

Decentralized ecological management system

As a decentralized ecology, management structure of the Free World is supported by completely transparent decentralized autonomous system. Such structure lets every holder of Free World understand all technology constructions and value circulations in ecological basis, and fully embodies the public trust value of blockchain. All decisions in the Free World are based on the public voting decision of the token holder, and all technology updates are announced by the community. Such completely decentralized management system will entirely avoid the disadvantages of traditional institutes in centralized management. Good solution without trust risk is provided for the following issues: dictatorship of centralized management layer, tampering of data, and alone decision of group trend, etc.

In order to guarantee the fairness of Free World value and the smooth circulation and to prevent the panel control by great users and the black box operation in the history of blockchain, Free World not only conducts the decentralized autonomous management fundamentally with the support of the above-mentioned technical features, but also employs financial audits, analysts, investors, etc. from many global core financial institutions who join the financial regulatory council and provide professional supervision and guidance from the perspective of finance.

Ceaseless exploration of Free World: three-year strategic planning

March 2020: Uniall Foundation was approved, and distributed financial platform of Free World blockchain was born.

May 2020: The development of Free World public blockchain /Free World DApp was approved, and the global developers jointly broke through problems.

August 2020: Autonomous Alliance Organization of Free World DAO Global Community was established and reached the vision consensus.

December 2020: Free World whitepaper was published, and the Foundation was confirmed.

May 2021: Free World launches DEX

June 2021: Free World platform will start the DeFi liquidity mining.

August 2021: Free World ecology will start

October 2021: DeFi service will be provided and the global finance will be arranged

December 2021: Free World assets can be smoothly launched

March 2022: NFT’s transaction function will be opened

May 2022: Free World will be opened in the world, and the Financial Commission will be established

June 2022: BSK will launch hundred Exchanges

December 2022: Free World will integrate into over 200 financial products

March 2023: 30 unicorn companies with ten billion value will be incubated

June 2023: Uniall Group will be established to build the ETF with the shared community interest.

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