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NFT and defi are the two areas with the highest attention of blockchain at present. In fact, the NFT market with sky high prices has repeatedly burst out, attracting more attention. The transaction price of a pair of socks has reached US $160000, and a tweet can sell US $2.5 million. The artist’s NFT works have won a bid of nearly US $10 million at Christie’s, which makes NFT an opportunity to break the circle of blockchain. Such a thing is totally impossible in the real economy, but with the carrier of blockchain and the concept of NFT, everything becomes different. If you are willing to buy with real gold and silver, it is identification, and identification is value. With the rapid development of science and technology, NFT will become the main form of art in the future.

Hatsune Miku quietly launched the creation IP works, introduced the fire of the two-dimensional culture into the blockchain, combined with the 2021 blockchain consensus, endowed the project with a two-dimensional soul, so that the project has a specific image and even character, which can promote the further promotion of the project and deepen the user’s understanding of the project.

Destruction and flow pool locking provide more appreciation space for HSM

It is reported that the total circulation of HSM, an anonymous project party from Japan, is 10 trillion pieces. 60% of the supply has been destroyed. All transactions are subject to 10% tax, and then 4% is allocated to the holders, 3% is locked in the mobile pool, and the other 3% is used for promotion. The holder will become the user’s identity. Through the HSM held by the holder, it can meet the user’s self positioning and find like-minded friends all over the world. The social platform provides application scenarios for the holder to promote the circulation of HSM. Wealth is accumulated in the circulation, and the value of token can easily maintain a steady upward trend.

Will you be the lucky one

In traditional business, collectibles have been recognized by the public. The lucky draw is based on your personality. The premise is that you have to hold HSM and be a loyal fan. In order to let more players know more about HSM, follow twitter @ hatsune37385134 or join the telegraph community http://t.me/Hatsune_ Token, you can participate in the airdrop in June.

Key points: you can exchange with BNB / usdt in pancakeswap platform, that is to say, whether it is exchange or airdrop, the HSM you get can continue to make blood and accumulate wealth. That’s all. I don’t have much to say. I understand myself. The opportunity is there. It depends on whether you can catch him or not.

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