IMF, a global trade zone block chain platform, is coming online

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Based on the use of blockchain, to achieve one-step clearance, improve the clearance efficiency, will play a benchmark effect in the world.

New architecture for solving trust problems in the Digital Age

The present is the moment of a new round of digital technology change, and blockchain is a new architecture to solve the trust problem in the digital era. Some people say that the essence of blockchain is digital trust. In the field of the real economy, the digital trust system established by blockchain will trust the real economy, reduce transaction costs, improve cooperation efficiency, and accelerate the flow of information, funds and materials between real enterprises. IMF, has emerged at the historic moment.

 IMF,, a global trading settlement platform ecosystem, for the reform of the current international trade settlement system, provide security, financial products, use scenarios of rich digital currency management infrastructure, build international trade ecology, promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and promote the leap-forward development of global economy and trade.

IMF takes the International Development Association (International Development Association,IDA) as the main executive agency, and is committed to building a global trade settlement platform ecosystem in the era of digital economy, providing security and trust, diversified financial products and rich use scenarios to reform the current digital currency management infrastructure for the current international trade settlement system. The IMF project is the blockchain financial industry that focuses on the core of “international financial trade”. It is committed to building a new global financial trade ecology in the era of universal certification economy and promoting the global circulation and value fulfillment of digital currency.

IMF applies blockchain technology to the field of global trade settlement, and its “decentralized” mode can ensure the transparency and openness of transactions between both parties, thus effectively reduce the risk caused by information asymmetry in international trade payment and improve the efficiency of cross-border payment. Each node throughout the blockchain system is associated with the transaction information, so each node is involved in the verification process.

For international trade, the use of blockchain technology can effectively build a trading platform between both parties or various parties, on this platform, the two sides can jointly maintain trade information, further improve the authenticity of payment information and delivery information, which can effectively reduce the settlement risk of cross-border payment, improve the security of payment.

The epidemic has caused damage to the global value chain and changed the decision-making background in the traditional context. Affected by the epidemic, many companies have to overcome the crisis, and blockchain can provide good technical support, effectively solve the pain points of global trade today, IMF, a global trade zone block chain platform emerged, will soon launch, is about to explode the world.

The future has come. Looking forward to the wonderful IMF will give us in the future.

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