KingSwap: Not Only Transactions on OKExChain

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With the launch of the OKExChain testnet, the time to launch the mainnet is getting closer. KingSwap, as a distinctive smart flash swap protocol on OKExChain, has also attracted most attention of the global community.

Deflation + Aggregation KingSwap Completes the Ultimate Value Capture

Decentralized finance represents the future development direction of the digital economy. The founding team of KingSwap realized that there is no complete one-stop solution on OKExChain for the custody and multi-party exchange of cryptocurrencies.

KingSwap is the world’s first innovative NFT token. It is a model of transaction value and can feedback to governance. It is also a converged decentralized finance (DEFI) intelligent flash swap solution. KingSwap allows individuals and institutions to easily execute smart contract-based flash swap protocols on OKExChain.

KingSwap provides key value propositions for token KT holders through carefully developed decentralized financial DeFi products. With the minting and issuance of 100 million tokens, 80% will be produced by liquidity mining, and the rest will be linearly unlocked and released according to the rules. The process is open and transparent and monitored by the global community. Through the extreme deflation of token economics and the function of aggregation, Kingswap maximally obtains value for its token KT, thus giving back to Kingswap supporters.

Launch the Limited Time “Gold Shovel” Airdrop to Feedback KingSwap Early Supporters

KingSwap, a flash swap protocol based on OKExChain, plans to airdrop KTT (Golden Shovel) rewards for early global community users in the early days of its launch, and start a limited time “Golden Shovel” mining activity. The deflation model and the lockup of early liquidity mining are likely to stimulate the price of tokens to rise.

In addition, in addition to “Gold Shovel” mining and conventional liquidity mining, KingSwap will also hold the transaction mining activity in the first 90 days of the network launch. The top 10 transactions of each address every day can share the 1000KT mining rewards equally to facilitate users to conduct small and high frequency trading, and take full advantage of OKExcel mainnet and KingSwap protocol.

Layout Future Plans. KingSwap will also Empower NFT

The NFT market is booming. However, one problem that has not been solved so far is the contradiction between the high fees on the Ethereum mainnet, on which most NFT is based, and the increasing demand of NFT users.

At present, OKExChain is expected to take over the thriving NFT market of Ethereum. OKExChain has lower transaction costs and faster confirmation rates. At the same time, the OK Exchange, which OKExChain relies on, also has more active user traffic, which will help projects on OKExChain to more easily achieve curve overtaking.

Among them, KingSwap is the first to take the lead. Through continuous application upgrades and product accumulation, it will focus on supporting the transaction of all NFT project tokens and carry out all-round empowerment, so that it is expected to become the largest NFT trading market on the OKExChain chain. In the future, it will launch the capture version of cross-chain asset value to achieve multi-chain asset exchange.

KingSwap will officially launch in the OKExChain mainnet in the near future. If you want to learn more about KingSwap’s early limited-time activities and the latest information, you can continue to follow the official announcement of KingSwap. Let’s work together to create the better OKExChain ecology!

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