Read Web Text in Color: Datumtron Corp Launches Synhix, Bringing Proven Syntax Highlighting Benefits to Web Reading

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Datumtron Corp today unveiled Synhix, a pioneering Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way users read text on the web.

New York City, New York Feb 13, 2024 ( – Datumtron Corp, at the forefront of AI technology innovation, today unveiled Synhix, a pioneering Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way users read text on the web. Synhix introduces color-coded syntax highlighting to natural language on websites, a method that has significantly enhanced programming language comprehension and information retrieval for programmers. By adapting this proven approach to everyday web reading, Synhix aims to improve reading efficiency and comprehension for a broader audience.

Key Features of Synhix

Intelligent Emphasis: Automatically de-emphasizes common words to let readers focus on the content that matters, enhancing comprehension and speed.

Color Highlights: Utilizes colors to differentiate text elements – proper nouns and symbols in reddish hues for standout recognition, numbers in blue, and verbs in green, anchoring the reader’s attention to crucial actions and data.

Block Highlighting: Enhances the readability of quotes and parenthetical information by marking them as distinct blocks, aiding in efficient skimming and detailed reading.

Personalized Reading Experience: Synhix offers a range of customization options, including adjustable themes, color biases, and contrast levels, enabling users to tailor their reading experience to their taste and achieve maximum reading efficiency.

Commitment to Privacy: Designed with a strong commitment to user privacy, Synhix operates without compromising the confidentiality of web activities.
Explore Synhix on the Chrome Web Store

Enhance your web reading experience with Synhix by visiting the Chrome Web Store at This platform offers a detailed video demonstration and a gallery of images showcasing the unique features of Synhix. Download the extension for free and join the community of readers benefiting from the power of syntax highlighting in their daily web interactions.

Bringing the Power of Syntax Highlighting to Everyone

“The future of reading is in color, by applying the principles of syntax highlighting to natural language, Synhix opens up a new dimension of web reading, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all,” said Ash Azmi, founder and CEO of Datumtron Corp. “We’re excited to bring the proven benefits of this technology, long appreciated in the programming world, to a wider audience.”

Broad Applications of Synhix: Enhancing Comprehension Across Fields

Synhix’s Syntax Highlighting enhances visual engagement and underscores critical information, facilitating quicker comprehension and retention. It’s perfectly suited for a variety of applications including language learning, general educational content, marketing communications, legal and regulatory document review, as well as news and media consumption. By ensuring that key points are prominently highlighted, Synhix significantly improves user engagement and content effectiveness.


Synhix is now available for free on the Chrome Web Store. Discover the future of web reading by adding Synhix to your Chrome browser today.

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